About Us

Preview Sports was created with kids in mind. We care deeply about young people, and greatly desire for them to have safe and positive experiences with sports; experiences that provide them with tremendous opportunities to learn and develop, while enjoying the activities they love. Preview Sports is a partnership. With the best interest of kids and families at heart, our role is to provide you with all the available options in the world of youth sports. Your role is to review the providers you have been, or are involved with; adding them to the site if needed. This will empower other families; helping them make the best decisions possible for their kids’ future. Simple. We partner with you, and you partner with other families. Now as we continue to grow and youth sports providers receive your honest reviews, we believe the best providers; those providing safe and positive experiences, will shine. Ultimately, it comes back to the kids. Let’s work together so they can have the best experiences possible. They only get to be young once. And it sure goes quickly!

Patrick De Smet
Founder of Preview Sports